Flying Island

There is a picturesque little island within swimming distance of Hyeobjae Beach called Flying Island. It is said that in the distant past there was a time when islands wandered all over, floating on top of the sea. Flying Island was one of these islands. It came over on the ocean currents from the direction of China, and eventually made its way to the coast of Hallim, where it continued to move about on the surface of the ocean.

At that time, a pregnant haenyeo, one of the diving women of Jeju, entered the water and began collecting seaweed when all of a sudden she saw the island drifting towards her. Thinking it most peculiar, she climbed onto it to have a look. After a while she felt the need to urinate. Strangely enough, the island stopped moving as soon as she started. Since that time, no matter how strong the currents, Flying Island has not budged an inch. 

Another account says that the island was originally located off the coast of the Korean peninsula. It floated south from the mainland to the coast in front of Gwakji Village, where it stayed a while before moving on to the area off the coast of Hallim Village. When a pregnant woman discovered the large island floating over, she pointed at it and shouted “Hey! There’s a big island floating this way!” The island stopped right where it was and has not moved since.

Based on the account given on January 20, 1960, by Gim Yeon-I of Ha-dong, Suwon-ri, and the account given on July 29, 1959, by Mr. Hyeon Ju-Seon of Hallim-ri. 

From 99 Legends of Jeju Island, a compilation based on accounts compiled by Professor Hyun Yong-Joon.

Flying Island : Biyangdo : 비양도 : 飛揚島

Haenyeo :  해녀 : 海女

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