Grandmother Seolmundae and the Bridge to the Mainland

The giant goddess Grandmother Seolmundae was so large that she had trouble getting clothes that fit properly. She told the people of Jeju that if they made her a set of undergarments she would build them a bridge to the mainland. This would make their lives much easier, as the sea crossing was quite dangerous in those days. 

The islanders needed one hundred large rolls of silk to make a set, so they put all their efforts together to get enough material. Unfortunately, they were unable to gather more than ninety-nine rolls of silk. Grandmother Seolmundae had begun building the bridge right away, but when she found out that the people were one short of the hundred rolls of silk they needed, she stopped.

The traces of her work can be seen off the coast of Sinheung Village at a place called Eongjangme Koji, where a line of rocks rises above the water, stretching north from the coast.  This is right next to the most northern point on Jeju Island.

As heard from several sources and compiled by Hyun Yong-Joon, Legends of Jeju Island, 1976.

From 99 Legends of Jeju, a compilation based on the work of Professor Hyun Yong-Joon.

Quantities of silk were measured by tong (통: 桶) and pil (필: 疋). One tong equaled 50 pil, and one pil was a length of cloth about 36 meters long. One hundred tong of silk, equaling about 1,800 meters of material, was needed to make the clothing. 

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