99 Legends of Jeju Island

The following legends are a sample from the forthcoming book 99 Legends of Jeju Island, based on stories collected and edited by Hyun Yong-Joon in Legends of Jeju Island : Jejudo Jeonseol : 제주도 전설 (Seomundang, 1976).

Ninety-Nine and Not One More

Ancestors and Ancient Gods

The Life and Death of Grandmother Seolmundae

Jeju’s Three Divine Founders and Their Princess Brides

White Deer Lake and the Immortals

Divine Dragons and Mysterious Mountains

Sanbang Mountain 

Gojongdari and Dragon’s Head

Soldier Mountain and Changgo Stream

Flying Islands and Fantastic Rocks

Flying Island

The Five Hundred Generals

The Standing Stones of Daerim

Rain, Springs and Ponds

Dead Cow Pond

Dragon Pond and the Ritual to Call for Rain

Lightning Bolt Pond

Virtue and Devotion

Mr. Hong the Devoted Son

The Haenyeo and the Underwater Palace

Loyal and Devoted Bak Gye-Gon

Talent, Trickery and Ingenuity

Byeon In-Tae the Big Liar

Station Officer Oh and the Civil Service Exam

Judge Hong

Governors and Government Officials

Counselor Lee of South Radish Field

Government Official Kang

The Pasture Supervisor Kim Family  

Spirits and Otherworldly Beings

Gojongdari and the Horses of Jeju

Judge Seo and the Snake’s Revenge

The Dochaebi’s Reply

The tales told on Jeju are of times long past but not yet forgotten. Many of the historical sites mentioned in legend have been preserved, and you can still go and visit the former residences, offices and gravesites of some of the geomancers and government officials, regular and extraordinary people featured in these legends. Much of the eye-catching volcanic scenery of the island provides a background or focus for myths and legends, from its undulating cinder cones and intriguing rock formations to its striking cliffs and winding valleys. 

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