Lifting Stones

Jeju once had a widespread tradition of stonelifting. In the past, each village on the island had two to six…

History of the Go Family of Jangheung

Jangheung Gossi Gaseung : 장흥고씨가승 : 長興髙氏家乘 This text was written in 1450 and included in the Dongmunseon (동문선 :…

Yeongjuji : 영주지 : 瀛州誌 : Chronicle of Yeongju

The Yeongjuji (영주지 : 瀛州誌) is a chronicle of the founding of the nation of Tamna. Yeongju (영주 : 瀛州),…

Historical Documents

English translations of historical documents about Jeju.

Forty Days in Quelpart Island (1914)

Quelpart is the name formerly used by Europeans to refer to Jeju Island. This article was written by Malcom P….

H. B. Hulbert’s “The Island of Quelpart”

“The Island of Quelpart” is an article from the Bulletin of the American Geographical Society, Volume 37 – Published January…

Jeju’s Ubiquitous Stone Walls

As a volcanic island, Jeju is covered in stone, most of which is basalt, a hard lava rock with many…

Counselor Lee of South Radish Field

Gods and Goddesses

Jeju is home to mountain gods and grandmother goddesses, divine ancestors and serpent spirits, dragon kings and immortal celestial beings.