The Stunning Beauty of Halla Mountain

Forty Days in Quelpart Island (1914)

Quelpart is the name formerly used by Europeans to refer to Jeju Island. This article was written by Malcom P….

The Five Hundred Generals

On the southwest side of Halla Mountain is a place of superb beauty called Yeongsil, meaning Home of the Spirits….

White Deer Lake and the Immortals

The area surrounding the peak of Halla Mountain was long considered sacred ground, and people were wary of climbing to…

Sanbang Mountain

There is an imposing, solitary mountain along the ocean next to Hwasun Village called Sanbangsan. Legend has it that Sanbang…


The Life and Death of Grandmother Seolmundae

The many volcanic cones of Jeju, known as oreums, are said to have been built by the goddess Grandmother Selmundae,…