Acorns from the Forest – 숲속의 도토리

It is hard to beat ‘Acorns from the Forest’ for fresh, healthy, delicious food. Meals are served in a pleasant atmosphere directly by the friendly owner, who is deeply knowledgeable about nutrition and the culinary arts. As the name suggests, dishes center around the use of acorns sourced from the forest – acorn jelly (muk : 묵), acorn pancakes (dotori jeon : 도토리 전), acorn perilla soup with handmade dough dumplings (dotori deulkkae sujaebi : 도토리 들깨 수제비), and more. The side dishes are amazing. Tea and alcohol are available. There is a fantastic smoked pork barbeque dish, and vegetarian options are available. Call ahead to request vegan meals.

The restaurant is located in the village of Oedo just west of Jeju City. It is open daily from 11 to 8, with a break from 2:30 to 5. Closed on Mondays.

Address: 제주시 도근내길 18 / Dogeunnae-gil 18, Jeju City

Phone: 0507-1366-5835

Watch a video of acorn jelly being made on the restaurant’s blog.

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